Family Owned

Premier Choice Communications

Custom Built Hardware for the BEST System


A Family Owned Business

Premier Choice Communication is a family owned company covering all of California, Oregon, Nevada (other areas as needed).  We have done projects in Washington DC, Iowa, Texas, Florida but all of our current work is in California.


Custom Built Hardware for the BEST System

Direct TV for Business

Direct TV Installation

  • Tie into existing DTV Backbone.
  • Provide and install a new channel Com3k System
  • Program Channel Line Up
  • Tie in Existing Wiring to New System
  • Provide and replace splitters and distribution amps throughout.
  • Install Pro Idiom Converters on all TV’s
  • Educate the Maintenance Team on Operation
Fiber Optics

Fiber Optic Installation

Our fiber optic installation consists of:

  • Routing of cable or cable management
  • Dressing of fiber
  • Fusion splicing
  • Labeling of lines
  • Certification of splices

ViaSat Internet

Residential & Commercial

Viasat home satellite internet offers a variety of plans that vary by speed, data, and price points to connect you to what matters most. 

Viasat home satellite internet has plan coverage for 99% of the U.S. population, so no matter where you call home, you can get connected.

Premier Choice Communications

Site Surveys  |  Installs  |  Service Calls

DTV installation for commercial buildings, L&I, any business, bars, restaurants, offices, warehouses, etc.

Providing quality work and excellent customer service for some of the biggest telecommunication providers throughout all of California.

Some of the Customers We Served

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